Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Auction Dates do Change – We apologize for the Inconvenience – Especially those who came to the Cold Stone Creamery

Colorado Springs. Tuesday, April 29, 2008

To those of you who showed up on Monday to the Cold Stone Creamery Auction for the Department of Revenue – we're sorry. Sometimes, auction dates and schedules do change, especially with Dept. of Revenue or Self Storage Auctions. People have the option to pay their debts right up to the minute the sale is scheduled to begin. Because this does happen, auctions may be cancelled.

We can't speak for other auctioneers, but we make every effort to keep our website current with cancellations and changes. It's a wise practice to check the website before you attend any auction, especially these kinds of sales. Most consignment auctions, or auctions held for reasons other than tax liens, usually go as scheduled. But if you'd like to save yourself a trip, check the website before you leave. Check OUR website – we keep it as current as possible. There are many other websites that carry our auctions, but we don't have control over them. Our site will always have the most current data.

When in doubt, feel free to call us at (866) 290-2243. We'll gladly tell you if there's been a schedule change.

To those of you who came to the Cold Stone Creamery in Colorado Springs on Monday. We understand that there was mention of the sale in the press (on radio, TV, and the papers). We supplied updated press releases to those outlets with the changes, but not every press release gets picked up. We posted a sign in the window with the correct date, and of course our website was updated. We're sorry you didn't get the word before you made the trip. We'll do everything possible to prevent that from happening again.

In this particular case, the State had to move the auction date to comply with notification rules to the taxpayer. We'll see you on the 6th for the Cold Stone Creamery Auction – and of course, you'll check our website the night before.

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