Tuesday, July 29, 2008

City of Denver to Auction Toyota Prius Hybrid Sedans

July 29, 2008 Denver, CO

On Saturday, August 2, the City and County of Denver will sell 8 Toyota Prius Hybrid sedans, all 2001 model year vehicles. The cars range from 73,000 miles to 100,200 miles, and will be sold at public auction at the City's Surplus Equipment sale along with other cars, trucks, tractors, lawn equipment, and other surplus items.

"We expect these vehicles to sell well" said Shannon Schur, CEO of Schur Success Auction Services, "but we don't expect to see any record-breaking prices" she said. "The City is selling these vehicles to make room for newer replacement vehicles that are joining the fleet" she added.

The auction is open to the public, and starts Saturday, August 2, at 9:00 am. The sale will be held at the Public Works Maintenance Facility, 5440 Roslyn, Denver. The vehicles may be inspected on Friday the 1st from 9-3. Payment for these vehicles or any purchase made at the auction will be due immediately, and prospective bidders should check with the auctioneer for the full terms and conditions. Details can be found at http://success-auctions.com/?Auction=8

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