Friday, January 30, 2009

Schur Sets New Record for Self Storage Auctions!

Colorado Springs, CO

January 30, 2009

Schur Success Auction Services has set a new record and is "leaps and bounds" ahead of last year's record-setting storage auction sales, according to CEO Shannon Schur. Schur said that she had record growth in self-storage unit auctions in 2008, with a year-end figure of well over 1200 units sold. She said that 2009 is already off to a record-setting pace. "In 2007, we finished the year with a record of more than 900 units sold. In 2008, we shattered that record with just under 1250 units sold, or an average of about 104 units a month. We finished the first month of 2009 with 235 units sold, more than twice the average of last year, and a 60% increase in units month-month over January of 2008".

Schur credits the growth to both higher levels of non-payment, most likely economy related, and to the increased number of clients that the company serves. "With three full-time auctioneers handling storage units, we're able to serve a broader client base" she added. The company handles accounts as far south as Pueblo and as far north as Cheyenne, with 99 locations currently under contract. Schur Success Auction Services schedules storage auctions in groups or "runs" that allow buyers to make a full day of buying, making the buying process easier and more efficient. According to Dax Gillium, Senior Auction Manager for the company, new buyers show up at nearly every sale, and the crowds have grown some in the past two years.

Bargain-hunters often attend storage auctions looking for that "hidden treasure" that may be lurking behind a bag or box. New buyers tend to bid a little higher than the experienced buyers, but learn the hard way that there may be hidden costs in the process including labor, dumping, and extended storage fees. Experienced buyers have learned to "read" the unit to help them determine value. Veteran buyer Randy Evans said "there are always clues to the value or hidden cost of a unit – it just takes a little time to learn what to look for".

Schur said that new buyers are encouraged to attend and watch before they start actually buying units. "They can learn a great deal by watching the professional buyers" she said. Wise buyers can make a great deal of money on E-bay, Craig's List, or through garage and yard sales. Schur added that "auctions do occasionally cancel, and buyers should check website schedules the night before they plan to head out". Renters may pay their outstanding bills and fees anytime up to the start of the auction.

For a list of storage auctions and other information about the process, click on the website for Schur Success Auction Services.

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