Saturday, April 4, 2009

As much as we love auctions, this is better…

April 4, 2009, Denver, CO

We have a pretty darn good crew. In fact, we kind of feel like we have a family. In a real sense, we do. Pat & Randy Evans are two incredibly valuable crew members, with Pat running the office for us at sales, and Randy taking charge on set-ups and working as a ringman, spotter, runner, crew chief, cook, transport engineer, and a host of other things. Pat & Randy have three very sweet daughters. While all three girls work for us on occasion, Alicia, the youngest is a regular part of the crew.

This morning, at 6:27 am, Alicia became the proud mother of a beautiful little girl, that she and the father Phil named "Madelyn Mae". The little tyke, well the 9 lb tyke, wasn't too keen on the idea of coming into the world the normal way, so she was delivered by c-section. Mom and baby are doing fine. Proud Father, Grandpa, Grandma, aunts, and extended family are all fine also, and I'm sure they're all tired.

Although they are not "our" kids and grandkids, we're grateful none the less for this blessing in our lives. Madelyn will most assuredly be spoiled as only a grandchild can be. Side note to our kids: we're quite satisfied at this point in time as adopted grandparents. We don't need any of our own yet. As another side note, Pat, you lose the bet… you became a grandma first!

So, as the business world flies by us each day in a flurry of activity, we're thrilled to remember what makes us truly happy – family.

Welcome to the world Madelyn… And welcome to the Schur Success Auction family. You'll be clerking sales before you know it.

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