Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What will tomorrow bring?

No, this is not another political commentary. I was FB IM'ing my brother-in-law, who will soon be a grandfather for the first time. We were chatting about the world that his granddaughter will grow up in. A world that will be very different from the one we grew up in. Here are some of the things we were thinking… what do YOU think tomorrow will bring?

She will miss a world where…

  • Cars had gasoline engines
  • Doors were locked and unlocked with actual keys
  • Computers had big boxes and cables hooked to them
  • Telephones sat on desks
  • Microwave ovens took a full minute to cook food (how awful that wait must have been)
  • People actually went to stores to buy things
  • Money was printed on ugly paper and had to be counted by a person
  • Consumer electronics were mass-produced and not made just for you
  • Some people actually didn't have cell phones
  • You sometimes got to put your luggage on a plane without paying extra
  • People used full words and sentences to communicate
  • Some people didn't text message each other
  • Refrigerators didn't have TV screens (the horror)
  • We only had 3,500 cable channels (what to watch???)
  • Speeding tickets were actually written by a live police officer
  • Postage costs less than $1


What else do you think she will miss?

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Tommy Wagner said...

The milk man,postman,fireman,policeman,the mom and pop stores where you were known,small town American where free parking is now $150 to support thieves in governments who have taxed the fun out of America. All replaced by fools and freaks and names you cannot pronounce,where you aren't sure who is a woman or man or even who is a friend. All looking for America.