Friday, December 3, 2010

The Fascination with Storage Auctions

There have been some new TV shows that feature storage auctions and auction buyers. As an auctioneer, I sure appreciate the attention. We get lots of new faces at our Colorado auctions these days, and hopefully for us and our clients, it means more revenue.

But new faces means new problems. Lots of folks who are curious come out to see what's happening, and that's a good thing. Some will even bid, and that's a good thing too. However, many don't quite understand how it all works, and that's a problem.

A large crowd is a nice, but only if everyone is dancing to the same music. So, here's some things to know before you go...

Bring cash. There's no credit cards, no IOU's, and no time to run to a bank or an ATM. You have to have the cash in your pocket.

You'll need deposit money. If you win the bid, expect to pay a refundable CASH deposit of at least $50 - $100 PER LOCATION!.... as long as you clean out completely and on time, you'll get your deposit back.

Move QUICKLY! All auctions run on tight schedules, and time is money. Look quickly. There are people behind you who need to see as well/ If you're not interested in bidding on the unit, then PLEASE, move past and out of the way so that we can take care of the folks who do wish to bid.

Bring a flashlight so you can see in the back. Remember, you CAN NOT enter the unit in any way.

Don't bring your kids. They will slow you down, slow us down, and we really don't want to see them get hurt. If you absolutely have to bring them, please keep a close eye on them.

Prepare to haul it ALL. There are no dumpsters for you to use. EVERYTHING must go with you.. the trash, the treasure, and everything in between. If you leave anything behind, you will lose your deposit and will no longer be allowed at our sales. We enforce this rule with absolute certainty.

Please don't bring 20 helpers.... at least not to bid. But, you sure will find them handy when it's time to load out.

Think BEFORE you bid. Once we say sold, it's yours. Period. Experienced bidders will tell that they bid on what they actually see, not what they THINK may be hiding. The treasure hunt comes when you get more than you expected, as opposed to expecting more than you see.

Check the locations and routes before you go, since we won't wait for you.

Did I mention CASH? Bring what you are willing to part with.

Know where you will sell what you find. If you don't already have an outlet for your purchases, you'll end up scrambling to figure out what to do with it.

This is Colorado.... dress in layers. Some locations have both inside and outside units.

ASK QUESTIONS, BUT.... do it before you bid. A bid is a legally binding offer to make a purchase, and we have every intention of holding you to your bid.

Say "hi" to the Auctioneer... over time, we'll get to know your name and your face, and we'll have even more fun.

Over the last 30 days, we have seen a 100% increase in web traffic, so we know there is curiosity about these auctions. Still have questions? call us. We'd rather talk to you and answer your questions before hand than try to take care of you while 75 other people are talking to us.

Mostly, have fun. You know we're sure having a blast!

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